How a $20 bus ride taught me what is wrong with the United States (Hint: Not Obama)

cartagena to santa marta

En route from Cartagena to Santa Marta, Colombia. Day 4.

I am sitting on a twenty-seater Mercedes Benz bus from Cartagena to Santa Marta. Despite the sweltering heat outside, I am freezing. The driver put the A/C on max. I should have known from my time in Mexico: don’t wear tank tops on buses.[mehr erfahren…]

9 Techniques to Ground Yourself While Traveling (without calling your Mom)

9 Techniques to Ground Yourself While Traveling

Cartagena, Colombia! Day 3.

When traveling, I often feel out of touch with the environment. In fact, I do right now as I write this. I sit in a local coffee shop in Cartagena and my mind is spinning. I did not do much to ground myself today. Here are some techniques I developed over the years to ground myself whilst on the road.[mehr erfahren…]