How to save humanity

how to save humanity

Medellin, Colombia! Day 30.

The cat miaowed at 7am in front of my room. I got up, pet it, and the cat stopped miaowing. After saving the cat, I am thinking about ways to save humanity. I think I got something here. Here is how to save humanity.[mehr erfahren…]

Is life meaningless?

is life meaningless?

Medellin, Colombia! Day 29. Still alive.

My dad was diagnosed with bladder cancer, twice. He still smokes. My uncle died in his forties riding his bike. My friend got diagnosed with blood cancer in her mid twenties. I am sitting in a Hipster coffee shop in Medellin, eating chocolate cake, drinking Latté.[mehr erfahren…]

The Secret to Eternal Happiness (No pills, potions, or powder)

The secret to eternal happiness

Drop Bear Hostel. Santa Marta, Colombia! Day 15.

I was squatting on a bean bag, doing nothing of importance but sweating down my butt crack. A taxi pulled up to the main entrance of the hostel. I could spot it through the window. A tall Asian-looking guy with his visor turned south left the taxi and went straight for the entrance.[mehr erfahren…]

The Golden Rule of Traveling (and probably, everything else)

the golden rule of traveling

Drop Bear Hostel. Santa Marta, Colombia! Day 14.

I noticed a restless glare in her eyes. She sat on the beach, talking about places she wants to go. She heard the beaches are better in Tayrona. She read the activities are better in San Andres. Someone told her that Cartagena is not worth the visit. The waves crashed ashore, the full moon lit up the sky. She did not see it.[mehr erfahren…]

How to live in Paradise for $20 a day (including pot and housing)

How to live in paradise for $20 a day

Bahia Taganga, Colombia. Day 9.

I’m sitting in a newly renovated apartment, four blocks from the beach. A dirt road is leading up to the front gate. Across the street, my neighbor just left the house with a parrot sitting on his wrist. A cute American girl, Sam, is swinging in the living room’s hammock. Frankly, I don’t really want to write.[mehr erfahren…]