One Creativity Hack for Overthinkers like Myself

creativity hack

My art teacher in high school told me I am not creative. One time, while I was cleaning my brush in the sink, she charged up next to me and told me to not waste water like that. I started hating art. I became a thinker instead.

Took me many years to figure out what I am about to share with you in this short post.

When I came up with the idea of being a writer, I had absolutely no idea where to start. I was overwhelmed and afraid. I felt inadequate… and it seemed like there was nothing I could do about it. I am just not creative… I am logical.

I looked at other writers before my time. I checked out the best writers of my generation. They seemed so… good… and I seemed so bad. Why even bother?

At my lowest point, I checked the Wikipedia profiles of famous writers and looked for information on their early life. I wanted to know what they were doing at my age. Whenever I found someone who started writing late, I was content… and did no write, but fantasized about doing it later.

Watching Californication did not help much.

One day I had a breakthrough… and now I am not sure how to write about it.

I realized that the only problem is my thinking.

Reality has never known a not-creative person. Every act is creative, moment-to-moment. Even the act of thinking is a present moment creative activity.

It is literally impossible to not be creative.

So the problem, I realized, lies in recorded thoughts of my mind. I believed in a story that others created for me: art teachers, friends, parents. My mind, in its attempt to survive, recorded their verbalized thoughts about my creativity… and turned them inwards.

Yet, and that was the big breakthrough for me, who is the one believing in this story?

That would be me!

I was doing all these amazing things on a daily basis, like breathing, talking, walking, masturbating and what not, and yet I ran around with a story about myself as not being creative.

So here is the creativity hack…

I know you love hacks, right?

Start where you are today.

That is it, there ain’t no more.

Start where you are right now.

Everything else is a story.

 If you want to write, write. I got a lot out of just writing down my self-loathing and self-defeating stuff. On the page, those thoughts actually looked funny… and… guess what, I just created something tangible.

I got tons of pages starting with:

Fuck… or I don’t want to write… or I just can’t write

At the end, I held a piece of writing in my hands. Tada. Magic.

That is really all there is to being creative.

Realize that everything is already an creative act, see that those voices in your head are not yours and start where you are.


I started writing this 48 minutes ago. I’d say I’m done. I could write more and turn this into a massive list. However, what you got here is enough.

How do you crank up your creativity levels?

Don’t be shy… Be the first one to comment here. I know you are out there.

Until we join minds again

Marvin Schulz


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