Get started…

First and foremost

I don’t want your money.
Keep it for the more useful things in life.
You know, like travel, drugs, etc.

Well, it is not like I don’t want it.
Really, I would love to have it. All of it.

I just won’t charge you for anything here.
Why? I would not know what for…
I suck at conducting business.

The only thing I can ever think of marketing to you will be books I write.
…in case I should ever get one done in English, which is totally unpredictable.
Apart from that: There is nothing I want to sell to you or sell you on.

I am too lazy to come up with a digital product.
I am too ignorant to use Affiliate Marketing.

I have a job. Like a proper career in Marketing. I live in Florida.
I make 55.000$ a year. I hope my coworkers who earn less won’t read this.

So, that covers the money part I guess.
Btw: I still want to be rich and famous one day.

What is this page about

I started this page in German.
It was originally intended to be a self-help page.
You know, helping readers to live more self-determined and free and be their true self.
I even published a book in German. It became an Amazon bestseller.

Translation: I needed help. A lot of help. I still do…

Most of the time I have no clue what is going on. I think too much.
Like way too much. I can’t stop it. Don’t ever tell me to stop thinking…

I don’t know how to relate to other people. I suck at following my own plans.

For over two years, I plan to go out alone and meet women at daytime: I never did it.
…at least not intentionally.

I don’t trust my own thoughts. I sabotage myself. I don’t know what voice to listen to.
Sometimes in the morning I negotiate with my mental parents to stay in bed longer.

You see?

I am just the perfect guy to run a self-help page.
Like a procrastination Guru or a self-loathing expert.
By the way: Don’t believe anyone who says that everyone can be an expert.

However, I figured the best and probably only way to help people is to be honest.
That means revealing the dark, funny, sad, violent, loving shit that runs through my head.
Sharing my real life experience and expose my full story. Being transparent.

Showing readers that there is someone who is more fucked up than they are: Me.
…and I take pride in this. I want to be special. I want my problems to be more important than your problems.
That is why I called the website:

Confessions of an Egotistical Narcissist

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