How School is Destroying our Children and 7 Ways to Unschool Yourself!

How School is Destroying our Children

Quito, Ecuador. After a Marlboro and tepid coffee.

We humans are a weird species.

As far as I know, we are the only species capable of acting against our own best interests.

Think about if for a minute.

A lion wants to eat, she hunts.
A bonobo wants to fuck, he does it.
A cat is tired, she takes a nap in your favorite shoebox.
A dog is pissed, he barks it’s soul out.

Animals live for the moment, humans live for their mind.

What is wrong with us?

I’ll tell you… It’s our schooling.

In school, we get boxed into our minds.

How School is Destroying our Children

We are told to think abstract, not going for the obvious.

We are told to look up to arbitrary authorities, not trusting our own impulses.

We are told to listen to teachers, though they might be full of junk.

We are told to compare ourselves, not embracing our own individuality.

We are graded based upon some standards, crushing our creativity.

We are told to follow old paths, neglecting our drive for the new.

We are told to play it safe, loosing our risk-taking edge.

We are told to rationalize, overlooking the beauty of the moment.

We are told to conceptualize our anger, not expressing it directly.

We are told to sit still in class, preparing us for boring office jobs.

We recite useless information, cluttering our creative thinking.

We are told good things take time, but never take the first step.

We are told to work harder, not smarter.

Need some more reasons how school is destroying our children?

If you can’t pay attention to the boring stuff, you get put on Adderall.

If you want to pursue your passions, you are told to get a degree first.

If your teachers does not like your haircut, you are screwed.

Or, how about this…

You learn to impress people you dislike, people in arbitrary positions of power.

You learn to put on a mask, a persona, play a role.

You learn to live solely for your self-image.

Your learn to figure things out, rather than feeling them through your body.

Yes, hell right. I am pissed off.

I hate the current school system and what it does to our most valuable citizens, our children. It numbs spirits, crushes ambitions.

Check this graphic from bestselling author, entrepreneur and spiritual teacher James Altucher, comparing schools to prisons.

How School is Destroying our Children

Get it?

Schools are prisons for our minds, turning us into numbed out consumer victims who forgot to think for themselves, obey dubious authorities, and follow the beaten path.

No buneo, I reckon.

Life is short, it’s time to unschool yourself.

How to unschool yourself

Create Art

Regain your creative side. Shut-off your mind-chatter and your internalized judgments. Art puts you right back in touch with the present, the only creative point in your life.

Play Music


Play Games with Friends

Laugh and play gets you out of your mind. Children laugh and play all day. They seem happy. Bankers never laugh or play, they seem miserable. Life is not serious. It is a gift.

Travel as much as you can

Traveling reconnects you with your senses. Your mind can’t work in its neurotic ways and you need to pay attention to your surrounding. This way, you get over your own upbringing, schooling, and see new ways of life.

I am in Ecuador now. Things are different here…

Tell the Truth

Really, watch this video by my mentor, friend, and bestselling author Brad Blanton.

Pursue Things you enjoy (and forget money)

Watch this video, twice.


Meditation in the West is misunderstood.

No surprise, we try to hard. We apply the same principles we learned in school.

Truth is, meditation is simple.

Sit in silence, do nothing.

Feel your breath.

Gain some perspective on your mind, patterns, and habits.

Finally, you see through your schooling.

I’m hungry now. Its lunchtime. I think I get myself a French croissant with eggs and bacon. Yummie.

Have you ever noticed times when your schooling got into the way of your best interests, blocked you?

Share it with us. We need your date, dude.

And whatever you do… don’t just be another brick in the wall.


Marvin Schulz

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