How to be Truly You

be truly you

The worst. The best. It’s hard to tell.

But then again, does the label really matter?

You can be an angel, you can be a witch, but as long as we’re both here–right Now–all labels are trivial; we are both present-moment observers of the one always swirling and dancing Here and Now.

One moment, I’m in love with you; then, I resent you.

But still, ALL of this is f-r-a-m-e-d by an underlying, primal loving connection.

So I can be in love with you while being mad at you.

Mind-made separation

You can’t love–truly and fully–with the mind.

You have to go be-yond the mind, for the mind only knows conditions; it can’t love unconditionally.

Unconditional love is only accessible outside of a mind.

The key to exit your mind is to live out loud and make what bothers you visible; shine a collective awareness onto your troubles; get a more playful perspective on thoughts and really understand that thinking is arbitrary.

…and that who you really are doesn’t depend on what or who you think you are.

Be a neutral observer–a commentator–when speaking your mind.

How to love?… and be Truly You.

Be honest.

Your true nature is love.

All separation is mind-based.

To truly love we need to interrupt our minds and focus our sensitive awareness on the current moment, for that’s the only moment where love resides, and the rest is but a story. Honesty interrupts the mind.

Once you break through the barriers of your mind and speak the truth in a connected and loving way, borders between you and the world will crumble.

You will naturally feel the true one sweet love that is your honest nature behind your mind-made beliefs.

And that’s all there is to ever master.

The key skill to leading a happy and loving life is to know how to interrupt your mind and shift your awareness.

But even that is a hoax, for you’re equally a golden god without this skill, for even murderers or worse are gods; and right now, from a pre-language, pre-mind viewpoint–behind human values–everything is of equal value and only the mind separates, classifies and creates levels.

Life, however, always flows and always changes.

It had been here before the first human being thought her first thought, and it will be here long after the last human perished.

So, then…

Do absolutely nothing.

Screw all self-help. Say no to the gurus and old masters.

Own your own story.

Be truly you, your own god.

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