How to deal with Cultural Differences in Columbia (and not kill the rooster)

how to deal with cultural differences in Columbia!

Bahia Taganga, Colombia! Day 11.

At 4am, the damned rooster started crowing. At 5am, a dude began digging a hole next to our window. At 6am, our goddamn neighbor started blasting (BLASTING) music. Shitty music, for that matter. Now, I am tired and pissed off.

I am sitting at a little breakfast place.

My head hurts.

I want to write about:

How to deal with cultural differences in Columbia

The truth is, I have no idea.

I thought about chopping the rooster’s head off with a machete and throwing a brick at the guy’s sound system. But I guess that would not be the best idea. Or wait, maybe it would have been a good idea…

Ok, for those of you preferring non-violent solutions:

After living in China, Mexico and South Africa, I’d say the best way to deal with cultural differences is to just sit with them. Acknowledge them. Feel them.

I imagine my headache kicked in due to my resistance.

I did not want the guy to crank up his soughing speakers. I did not want to hear constructions work. I did not want the rooster to communicate.

I wanted peace and silence and rest.

And I guess I got too attached to my expectations.

Now, every time I do that, I suffer. Reality owes me nothing. And, whenever I fight with reality, I lose… but only 100% of the time (As Byron Katie might say).

Well, so how to stop fighting with reality?

Good questions… I wish I knew.

What works for me, at times, is to really just sit down and notice. I sit and notice thoughts, feelings, and my environment. Not sure why that works. I guess some call this meditation.

I call it: Sit in silence, doing nothing.

Take the world in… one breath at a time.
This way, you don’t have to kill the rooster.
Or, kill him first, and sit in silence later.

I am going to eat now. Rooster head.

Marvin Schulz

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