How to live in Paradise for $20 a day (including pot and housing)

How to live in paradise for $20 a day

Bahia Taganga, Colombia. Day 9.

I’m sitting in a newly renovated apartment, four blocks from the beach. A dirt road is leading up to the front gate. Across the street, my neighbor just left the house with a parrot sitting on his wrist. A cute American girl, Sam, is swinging in the living room’s hammock. Frankly, I don’t really want to write.

I left Santa Marta on Tuesday. My next stop: Taganga, a seaside village, located in a beautiful fishermen bay. I was not sure if it will be worth the trip.

Now, I am stunned.

A better writer could fill pages about the welcoming atmosphere, still ocean, delicious food places, daytrips on boats, and booming nightlife.

In short: I love this place.

Yesterday, I could not stop thinking about how inexpensive it is to stay here. I wanted to sit down and write about it, but playing card games, backgammon, drinking $1 beer, and kissing my lovely American travel-comrade seemed like the smarter things to do.

I mean, who prefers writing over kissing?

(The author, me, just took a kissing and, after burning those calories, breakfast break)

Ok, I am at a beautiful local coffee spot now, sitting just a block from the beach.

So, here is the whole point of this article:

It is possible to live in paradise for $20 a day, including accommodation.

Right now, I pay $9 a night for a private room inside a gated house.

I share it with Sam, who pays the other $9. In total, we pay $18 per night. Oh, did I mention that a little breakfast is included in the prize? Today I got a Crepe with bananas and chocolate spread.

Here are some pictures:

Housing in Taganga

A hammock in the living room…

Housing in Taganga

A nice room, including daily cleaning service…

In no time flat, I am at the beach.

Little markets, local food places and even bars are just a stone’s throw away.

Yesterday, we went to one of the many fresh fruit markets. We bagged two large beers, two grande water bottles, a juicy pineapple, a papaya, and loads of other small fruits and greens.

The whole shopping ran us another ten bucks, divided by three.

You do the math here (or use your phone, in case you slept through math classes).

The food lasted us until the evening. I turned it into a smoothie.

You see, until around 6pm, I spent $12.

Not bad, right? I used to spend $16 for a single drink in Miami’s Club Space (No wonder kids rather take ecstasy).

I could have made it through the day, well fed, without spending a single dollar more. However, I decided to join my friends for dinner.

We went to a place right at the water. I got myself a huge green salad, including avocados, and, of course, a beer. Local musicians showcased their skills and artists sold their handcrafted goods. I could see, hear, and smell the ocean.

Sounds expensive, right? It was not.

In total, I paid a little under 5$.

That skyrocketed my daily expenses to seventeen American dollars.

After dinner, we went to sit at the beach.

I rolled myself a cigarette. A local guy approached me and asked for a rolling paper. He wanted to inhale some marihuana, he said. Not a bad idea, I thought, and went looking for him a few minutes later to get some of the good herbs myself.

For $2 dollars, I got a bag-full.

We walked back to our apartment and Jerry, our master-cigarette roller, prepared the green with some tobacco. Moments later, the warm evening air filled with a distinctive smell and another hard day in paradise came to an end.

I have seen worse Wednesdays for $20 in my life so far.

May you find paradise, too.

Marvin Schulz

P.S. I got the book “Fight Club” for free today… Did you guys read it? I love the movie, but never read the book.

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