How to Not live in the Moment


It is my last day at work. I am sitting at my desk, petering time away, waiting for 5pm. Today will be my final Happy Hour here in Florida. Online, I just stumbled across an article that I don’t like. In fact, I like few articles these days.

Folks, it is all marketing…

Those “listicles” you love reading (The 17 Ways to Dress your Cat this Winter) are designed to keep you on the page. Keeping you on the page increases the website’s page ranking in Google.

Most websites just strive to fill lists with as many things as they can to increase the time you spend on the site and get you to scroll.

Very few of them are well written… (and I am not saying I am writing well).

Ok, so I read this article 16 Tips for living a happy life starting right now.

The headline already shows me that it is bullshit.

More information to fill the already filled mind and stress about.

But alright, I assume the author is well-intentioned and wants to help.

Item #15 is something else though: Live in the moment

I see it over and over again on the internet. It seems like the go-to advise if people run out of things to write about.

Well dude, just live in the moment, you know?

Yeah, right…

How to live in the moment?


You are already doing it.

You can’t live in any other moment.

No one ever lived in any other moment.

Even if you are caught up in thoughts about the past, and worry about the future, you are still doing it in this very moment. You are moment-bound.

Live inside the moment is a nonsense, preachy phrase.

Plus if you think that you should be living in the moment more, you are in fact just more stuck in your thoughts (Like I am right now, trying to proof my point here).

A slightly better advise would be:

Become aware of this moment

So we all live inside this moment already. We can’t escape it. We are doomed to this moment, just like we are doomed to living inside a human body.

What we can do is become aware of this moment?

Not sure how to do that. If you go to the bookstore, I bet you find 500 books on that.

Here is what works for me:

I sit somewhere and do nothing. Thoughts pop up. I see them. My back hurts. I feel it. An attractive women walks past. I notice her. More thoughts. I blink. Did I do my taxes yet?

That’s it.

That is all there is this moment: Thoughts, feelings, environment.

The idea of “living in the moment” is a thought.

Reading lists online is nothing but a present-moment, mind-based activity.

Something I sure love doing.

Happy Friday

Marvin Schulz


Thanks, John Rampton, for writing the article I picked upon. You gave me something to write about and I imagine you are a much smarter person than I am (When you don’t write about “living in the moment”).

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