How to Quickly Screw Up (and how smart people avoid it)

How to Quickly Screw Up

I am an expert in screwing myself up. I can do it in many different ways… I got options. If the old 10,000 hour rule holds to be true, I may have reached Mastery level. Here is one of the quickest and easiest ways to screw yourself up.

I am doing this right now…

Obsess over small, unimportant things.

This is the quickest way to screw up.

I am working on this website here. I don’t even know what I want to accomplish, and yet I am trying to fix everything and nothing. I obsess over small things. Which color should I use for the button? How should I label the “home button”? And so on.

I create stress over small things and forget the bigger picture stuff.

Now you may wonder, how to stop obsessing over small things…

I don’t know. I’d tell you if I would know.

Some smart people say:

Focus on the number one thing you want to achieve

… and forget the rest.

That sounds smart.

In fact, I did this right now.

The number one thing I want to achieve is write and publish my writings on my homepage. I want more great content on my site. By doing that, I want to gradually get more visitors and reach more people and brainwash them and get to world domination.


I guess focusing on the most important thing works in many areas of life.

Some smart people even ask themselves every morning:

What is the number one thing I want to achieve today?

I am too lazy to do that.

Ok, I got off track here.

If you want to screw up quickly, just obsess over all the small things.

That works out every single time.

Talk soon

Marvin Schulz

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