How to save humanity

how to save humanity

Medellin, Colombia! Day 30.

The cat miaowed at 7am in front of my room. I got up, pet it, and the cat stopped miaowing. After saving the cat, I am thinking about ways to save humanity. I think I got something here. Here is how to save humanity.

Saving humanity is easy…

We just got to start one person at a time.

Now, who do you think might be the best person to start with? Hhm.


So, saving humanity is about saving ourselves first.

You know, strap your own oxygen mask first, before helping others. No oxygen, no bueno.

Saving humanity is about building on the inside and manifesting on the outside.
Finding what we want to change in our souls and communicating it to the outside world.

Why is that? Why can’t we just run around and save humanity, without creating the effects we want to see on the inside first?


The world is your projection.

Now, what does that mean?

You perceive the outside world through your five senses: smell, taste, vision, touch, hearing, and, on certain drugs or through long-term practices, a sixth sense.

Every second of your life, your brain uses the input from these various channels to create the world, your world, and puts together a consistent image. It adds in missing information based on past experience.

This happens right now as you read this.

So the outside world is a projection. The projector is inside of your own head.

Now, imagine you work in your local movie theater for a second.

Besides slumming down loads of popcorn and soft drinks, your job is to make sure the visitors get to enjoy the movie on the big screen. You search through the dusty archives. Today is retro day and the audience gets to see a surprise classic from the 90’s. You find what you have been looking for, blow the layers of dust off the tape and run a final test.

As you munch on some M&M’s, watching the movie play on the screen, you notice some glitches and small hick-ups with the audio.

How to save humanity

What would you do? Would you run towards the screen and try to fix the images?
Or would you look at the projector and the video that is playing there?

Now most of us would agree that the error is probably found on the projector.

Yet most of us spend most of our time trying to fix the images we have of the world; our neighbors, our kids, our spouses etc., rather than looking at the projector itself: Us.

So, if we want to change the world, save humanity and contribute to the life of other beings, it makes little to no sense running around and trying to fix our images of the world. The first steps start on the inside.

Now what do I mean by that?

We all have heard the famous phrases:

Be the change you want to see in the world and Real change starts on the inside.

While we all agree that these sentences are true and often list them on our favorite social media channels as our favorite quotes, we barely take the time to really, I mean really, sit down and figure out how they apply to our lives.

How would an ideal world look for you? Bring it about from the inside…

Marvin Schulz