How to Save the World in 2 Steps (and be naturally high)

How to save the world


Oh boy. Isn’t life funny? Yesterday I wrote a piece about how “how-to guides” and information in general are ruining your life… and now I am back with more information to dump onto ya brain. I’m such a hypocrite.

Well, I guess my stuff is just more important than most stuff out there. I fancy myself to be the Robin Hood of writing, battling soulless news outlets around the globe. They just want your money. I just want your admiration and eternal love.

Today I want to write about saving the world.

Like really, I mean it.

As a kid I wanted to save the world and be an adventurer. Then I went off course for around twenty years or so and now I am back, saving lives.

So, how to save the world?

Well, that is quite simple. We just got to start one person at a time.

Now guess who we might start with?

Exactly, you are such a smarty… we start with ourselves (our self’s).

Saving the world starts with saving us. One person at a time. Like those airlines always tell you (in case you are not already pre-takeoff napping): Fit your own oxygen mask first, before helping others.

You see, once you are safe, you can save others more readily.

Much smarter people than me and airline executives knew it already. Like Gandhi, the handsome Indian dude, who said: “Be the change you want to see in this world”.

I think Jesus knew it, too. If I would dig into Google some more, I could probably pull a Jesus quote here. I won’t though. Let’s just say Jesus knew, ok?

So, alright than…

The main question now is:

Who or what do we need to save ourselves from?

I am glad you asked…

The only “thing”, which is really not a thing, we need to save ourselves from is our own mind. Our reactive mind and our repetitive thinking. Our mind is the only “thing” that is wrong with the world right now.

You get that?

The world as you see it is a complete projection of your mind.

Nothing is a problem… only in your thinking. Reality is just what it is. It is your mind (and mine too, of course) that makes up a story about reality and categorizes it.

You see now why you have to save yourself first?

Everything you ever think is a projection. Trying to fix your projections is like trying to fix the movie screen, when the mistake really is inside the projector… your mind in this case. The world is just the way it is because of your mind.

You think the world is bad? Sure… you are right.
You think the world is great? Sure… you are right.

You will always find proof for what you already belief.

Ok, once we get that we need to save ourselves from our minds first, the question becomes:

How in da world do we do that?

Two steps.

Step 1: Silence.

Sit in silence and watch your mind. Some call it meditation, though I don’t like this. Mass media (maybe: mess media?) seems to assign super-powers to meditation and inflate it to be a huge thing. It really is not. It is just sitting in silence.

Once you sit, you can become aware of only three things: thoughts, feelings and your surrounding. That’s all. Even your most worrisome memories are just thoughts. Good thoughts, bad thoughts, does not matter. All just thoughts.

That is step one to saving the world… your world.

Step 2: Communication

Now, take ownership of your life.

The way to do that is through communication.

Use active, direct sentences. Report what you notice… like a commentator. Don’t attach yourself to it. If you do, your mind will run off with you like an injured wild horse.

Just report and express your world.

Avoid using the word “IT”.

There are no ITs in this world. I often hear people say: It makes me so mad. They are not taking ownership. They assign power to ghosts… some invisible outside force.

Say “I make me mad with…”. That is more accurate.

Avoid the word  “Why”.

No one knows why anyways and no one ever cares.

Why is a mindfuck.

Why creates linear stories.

We don’t want that. We want freedom from our stories.

There are some more ways to save your life through communication.

I guess I will write a separate post about all of them.

For now, if you want to save the world, just know that the only place to start is you.

Free yourself from your reactive mind and addiction to thoughts and the world will follow. I guess I will think a little more now and get back to my day.

Until we speak again, friend.

Yours Truly

Marvin Schulz

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