How to Tame the Mind (and be ultra-spiritual in no time flat)

How to tame the mind

Fighting out of the red corner, weighing in at a couple million pounds, wearing long robes and no hair: spiritual practitioners from all around the globe. And the opponent in the blue corner, wearing nothing at all, the invisible, the untouchable, Human Mind. Let’s get ready to rumbleeee.

Oh man…

This may be a really shitty article or a really good one. I can’t tell.

Sometimes I amuse myself reading about the human mind. To me it seems like some peepz declare the mind the biggest evil in the world. I know I did for some time. I blamed everything on my mind. Poor guy.

But in fact, there is no mind.

I mean, have you ever seen one? Has anyone ever seen a human mind?

I don’t think so.

What is a Mind?

First of all, a mind is just an idea of something; a word.

How can a mind be a problem than?

As far as I know, a mind is just a concept to describe the storage of memories.

So, fighting a mind is like fighting with ghosts… You lose 100% of the time when you fight against something that is not real… and it makes you look stupid for even trying to fight with it.

How to Tame the Mind?

Ok. I guess that is not really practical.

I write something more useful.

Let’s replace the word thoughts with the word mind here. Let’s say we want to learn to tame thoughts. How can we do that?

Definitely not by trying to do so.

Trying to stop thinking is what? Just another thought.

Alan Watts once said:

Trying to calm thinking is like trying to calm a river with a flatiron… it just stirs it up more.

What would you do to stop the waves in your swimming pool?

I would do not much, I would just wait for it to calm itself.

I imagine that is how to tame thoughts…

Leave Your Thoughts Alone

Don’t stir them up. Leave thoughts alone. Let them pass. They can do you no harm… unless you start identifying with them and acting them out. But who is the one getting identified with thoughts?

I don’t know. Does anyone know the answer?

I guess more spiritual people like myself would call it ego?

Check out this funny video…

Not sure.

The fact remains, thoughts can’t really be tamed.

They tame themselves when left alone. They are you as a child: running around until given all the room they need to express themselves… than they stop.

Hearts beat, lounges breath, and, there you go, minds think.

It is just what they do. Let them do their thing and you do your thing.

Oh… and elephants splash water on themselves when hot, in case you wondered about that picture.

That’s just what they do.

Just double checking if I have more to say… Nah. Done.

That was quite abstract, wasn’t it?

If anyone in the world got some value out of this piece, please leave a comment… it would make me sleep better at night.

If not, I will leave the article online anyways, just to show how useless it is.




  1. Christoph says

    I liked reading “They tame themselves when left alone. They are you as a child: running around until given all the room they need to express themselves… than they stop.” Thanks!

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