Is life meaningless?

is life meaningless?

Medellin, Colombia! Day 29. Still alive.

My dad was diagnosed with bladder cancer, twice. He still smokes. My uncle died in his forties riding his bike. My friend got diagnosed with blood cancer in her mid twenties. I am sitting in a Hipster coffee shop in Medellin, eating chocolate cake, drinking Latté.

Is life meaningless?

If I had a penny for every time I pondered that question, I’d go to a strip club in Medellin tonight. You know, making it rain; tapping asses. The good stuff.

So, is life meaningless?

Yes. It is. Every meaning you make up for it in your mind is an arbitrary story. When you die, your meaning dies. Everything dies. I die. Everything is meaningless.

Oh well…

But wait a minute.

Behind that, at first, sad truth, lies a great liberation:

If nothing has any meaning, everything you do right now is the meaning. In that great despair of pointlessness resides absolute freedom, if we can only grasp it.

When nothing has meaning, everything is the meaning.

The problem lies in the question itself. The search for meaning is meaningless, absolutely futile. You can’t grasp it with your mind. You see, thoughts are learned. You were born without them. Thoughts are always secondary. They don’t matter.

To you they might, but they don’t matter.

So, before your thoughts comes your being, your presence right now. Your being is as it is. You did not chose to be. You just emerged. Now you are here.

You are here now. That is the meaning, without asking for it.

No matter what you do now, this is the meaning of life. Stress only comes in when questioning your meaning, like some dumbass motivational speaker tell you to do.

I say, scrap the search for meaning completely…

Accept what is happening in your life right now. Accept your thoughts, feelings, the good, the bad, own your story fully. Become aware of what is going on in your life now.

Once you are fully grounded in the present moment, and I am definitely not, you can play around with the meaning and have some fun with your mind.

So, is life meaningless?

No. Life is the meaning. You are alive. That is the primary meaning. The rest if a game.

If you feel a lot of mental stress, check out good doctor Blanton’s website. He is the best guy I have ever met when it comes to liberating minds.

Or, eat some chocolate… Both works fine.

Hasta Luego, muchachos

Marvin Schulz