How to live fully in the Present Moment

how to live fully in the present

Whenever I say the word –‘I’–, I am creating a story inside of my head.

I might say that I don’t know what to do these days; I might worry, plan or think a lot.

But behind this –‘I’– who am I  really?

I’m the noticing human being, the pure, non-attached observer of this present moment.

…and on this level, I’m always the same godlike creator of the Here and Now.

What I think changes like the winds. 

My feelings come and go.

The people around me change. 

The world around me is always in motion.

What I truly am is the pure observer behind all of this, and that’s who we all are, all the time.

We’re present-tense observers inside a human body, and with that come all kinds of human feelings and human thoughts. We’re here for a very short time inside this current body. Soon, and we never know how soon, we’ll be gone and the only thing we leave behind are stories inside the heads of other people.

What’s the meaning of all this human life?

There is none. Life is meaningless.

And with that comes great liberation.

All meaning is mind-made–a story inside our own heads. Life, that is the ever-changing Here and Now, doesn’t care for the meaning we make up and attach ourselves to.

Life always just flows, regardless of our thoughts.

So then, how can we live well?

A very special person in my life once suggested that the key to life is mastering the art of living in the present. How can we do that? Well, it’s quite simple. In fact, it’s so simple that our education-tortured, angst-ridden minds will have a hard time accepting it.

Right now, and in any given moment there ever is, you can notice three things:

1. You can notice what’s going on inside of your own mind (thoughts)
2. You can notice what’s going on inside of your body (feelings)
3. You can notice the world around you through your five senses

This is called the Awareness Continuum.

That’s all there is to life.

Most of us, me especially, spend most of our time inside of our heads, spinning around stories, lingering upon the past and planning the future.

That’s the level of separation, the one we’ve been trained to focus on the most.

But any given second we can shine the flashlight of our attention inside of our bodies, or focus on the world around us. By doing this, we stop pouring fuel into the fire of our minds, and reconnect with ourselves and others.

How to live fully in the present moment

Just notice and observe what’s happening, right now.

There’s nothing to do or achieve to live right now.

If you practice this, you’ll become like water; you’ll just flow through life without strain or attachment.

For myself, I often find this challenging, especially when I’m working or stressing over a past argument. But what I do then is to sit back, take a break and ask myself.

What’s happening on all three levels of the Awareness Continuum, right now?

This way, I realize that I’m the observer of all there currently is, and from that perspective I can take loving and kind actions towards a future of my design.

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