How Prescription Drugs Poison the already Sick and How you can Reclaim your Health

How Pharma-Crooks are killing Veterans.

I recently stumbled across a Vyvanse banner ad on the internet. Vyvanse is basically prescription speed, but cleaner. I abused it once at a rave party in Miami. I was up all night, dancing and smoking cigarettes (as a non-smoker) and could not sleep.

I still felt it the next day.

Putting Kids on Prescription Speed

I could not believe that they advertise Vyvanse on the internet. They even give hints on what to tell your doctor to get a prescription and use stock-photos of smiling families.

Perverse, I’d say.

Doctors prescribe Vyvanse to kids with ADHS. They say it helps them to focus better in school. I say that is the biggest bullshit. Kids may focus better when put on speed, but that does not solve the problem of why they lack attention, does it?

The stuff taught in school is point-blank boring and drains out kid’s creativity and passion. Corn-fed teachers grade them based on completely arbitrary, and quite subjective, standards. Even art is graded.

No wonder kids lack attention.

School, as it is, sucks.

I guess it is easier to prescribe maintenance drugs than changing a rotten system.

And doctors want to make money, too. Handing out drugs that manage the symptoms, rather than enrooting the problem, ensures returning patients… and reoccurring paychecks.

Numbing out Veterans with PTSD

Talking about maintenance drugs.

As reported by CNN, almost 22 veterans kill themselves every single day in the US and A.

They suffer from post-traumatic stress. No surprise there. Sending people to kill other people and dropping fucking bombs on other beings just does no good to no man.

So what do doctors do (of course, lobbied by the big pharmaceutical corporations)?

They prescribe drugs that completely numb the poor souls. Already out of touch with their emotions, they now feel nothing. No joy, no love, no nothing.

I once met a veteran in a bar in Harrisonburg, Virginia. He was a sniper for the army. By his own count, he killed over 40 people. Shot them in the head. For what? No one knows.

This guy was miserable, and I mean it. He was longing for some sense of love and connection, but his therapist, sponsored by the army, only prescribed drugs to manage the symptoms… and even recommended to put his son in a headlock when the kid gets angry. Bad systems breed bad advice.

I cried on the spot.

Are there effective alternative treatments to PTSD?

Yes… and they are called illegal. Why?

There is no lobby for them. It is recorded that one or two sessions with alternative drugs can cure PTSD, when 15 years of “normal” therapy did nothing.

Of course, the white-collar pill-jugglers and their minions in gowns don’t want that. Who would end-up buying their products?


But that’s just one reason.

These alternatives, like MDMA, Marihuana, Ayahuasca, Ibogaine, and LSD are not liked by the government. They are proven to help the individual to radically reclaim his or her personal sovereignty… and turn them into bad consumers.

So what does the system do?

Prescribe drugs to numb out already numb people… and watch them commit suicide, while there is effective medicine available, labeled as illegal by those who keep sending young men to kill other young men for profits. It’s sickening.

Oh, and what about depression?

Cutting-Off the “Depressed” from their Emotions

A friend from Canada recently came to see me in Florida. She went through a somewhat stressful breakup. She went to see a therapist. Guess what happened?

She got prescribed anti-depressants… for a whole year.

Really? What is that supposed to do?

Well, for one, it gives the therapist a nice paycheck for 12 months.

Are her problems solved after that? Of course not.

It’s not just her.

We humans in the not-so-free West grow up in a system that puts profits over people, self-image over self-expression and fitting-in over standing-out.

No wonder kids get depressed. Everything around them screams that they are not good enough the way they are… until they finally get a degree… or get Vyvanse.

Once labeled as depressed, they become great revenue streams for pill producers.

Is there a way out?

Yes… and it starts with YOU.

Your health and wellbeing is your business.

Put yourself first. Learn about alternative medicine. Learn to connect well with other people and life. Learn to see the bigger picture of the rotten health industry. They need you on maintenance drugs if they want to make money.

I suggest you familiarize yourself with some of these websites here: 

I am not affiliated with them in any way. I won’t get a dime of mentioning them here. I just think they offer great tools to reclaim your health and see through the bullshit.

Now I am out of juice. Boy, that was quite an angry post I’d say.

I wrote what I wanted to write about and I will add this article and use your feedback.

Let’s discuss this further in the comments.

Much love

Marvin Schulz

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