The Art of Non-Attachment

The Art of Non-Attachment

It is a wiggly world.

The birds are singing as the morning myth lifts itself up. Ducks are chirping as they pass over the water. Somewhere in a distance a car engine is howling. Next door a little beeping sounds made its way through the house over to my bed.

Grass. I am fascinated by grass. It is everywhere. Every single bit of grass grows individually. It is very flexible. Step on it and it will raise itself right up after some time. Grass is like an all-encompassing, underlying force of life.

I am amazed by life. I amaze myself with it.

Yesterday I walked past a giant fish tank at the Seagate hotel here in Delray. Why do we hold fish in tanks? Why do we allow ourselves to capture and captivate other beings, that are made out of the same mystery we are made off?

One day I was walking through Prague. I noticed a human with a dog. I said to my friend Sebastian “look, one creature holds another creature on a leash”.

Who is holding who?

I wish I was free from my mind.

I wish I could just fly away and never return.

I would not know where to fly to. I would probably go south, maybe into the mountains… or the rainforest.

The other day I was sitting in my room at the Hyatt in San Diego, eating breakfast. A dove came right to my window and sat down on the little gap. It scanned the area and with one movement spread it’s wings and glided down into the harbor.

Some days I want to be that dove.

However, I am inside a human body.

Judgments. Let em go. I block myself with holding on to judgments. Creativity is our real nature. Our core. Judgments are learned, they are not our core.

One day I am going to die, like every human being before me did.

Life is just a gap between being dead for two times. Before I was born, what was I? Was I dead? Or was I just unborn? How is that different from dying after having been alive?

It is not any different.

Now I am here.

I was given life by my creator.

With this life I have to decide: Play it safe or play it big?

I can play life safe and try to hold on to it as long as possible, peddling away somewhere.

Or I can chose risk and play life big.

Life does not need to go on for more than just one moment.

There is just this one, everlasting moment. No need to stretch the quantity of life.

Yet, I want to be alive for some more time. It is my mind.

What is the function of my mind?

To align itself with my creator, to co-create and join into a creative alliance.

My body is a learning device for my mind.

You can somewhat see the state of my mind by looking at my body.

Yesterday I ate ice-cream and chocolate.

What is that saying about my mind? Am I weak for giving into temptation? Or am I wise for eating what tastes really well and enjoying the sugar-buzz?

Who is there to say? Who can judge the state of mind? Just another mind.

Looking at life right now, it is beautiful. The by far greatest thing I ever did was being born and growing up. How did I grow? How come I am now big and used to be small?

I did that without any external help. Of course, I did it in co-creation. I was fed. I was provided shelter. But I did the actual growing up by myself. I automatically grew. God did it for me, just like it created me.

Now I have this language here and can talk about me.

I was already me even without the capability to talk about me. I have always been me. Probably more so when I was younger. I imagine I was more aligned, more in touch with the moment; more alive.

There are million things to write about. Where are they? They are here. They are surrounding me. They are speaking through me. The artist is a channel or a medium. He does not invent things, he allows them to be expressed through him.

Arts is a humble profession. The artist gets to keep nothing.

Marvin Schulz

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