The Nature of Enlightenment

The Nature of Enlightenment

I wrote this piece a couple of months ago in Florida. I shared it with some close friends and they liked it. I am a little afraid to expose this to a broader audience. I think I did not study Buddhism enough to post this and some monks and practitioners may get mad.

Oh well. Let em get mad.

Here is what I call:

The Nature of Enlightenment

There is a fundamental misunderstanding build right into the language we use.

We strive for enlightenment… We try to be enlightened.

We make enlightenment a destination at the end of a long, tedious, strenuous journey.

In doing so, we proclaim a subject that has to be enlightened: Us.

…and an object that has to shine its light upon us: an unknown external force.

But the truth is:

You are the light… there is no one to be enlightened.

As soon as you use language, you trap yourself.

Let’s call it the trap of grammar. Or the subject – verb – object dilemma.

…but in fact, you were born without the language you utilize today.

Your primordial state of being goes beyond words and can’t be described, as language only serves to differentiate.

You are all there is.

Enlightenment is something you are.

It is your very nature that can’t be described with language.

You may be aware of it. You may not be aware of it. You are still the light.

By striving for enlightenment and making it a goal, you create new hoops for you to jump through. You apply the same basic concepts you learned in school:

Study hard, practice diligently and so on…
but you can never be more the light than you already are right now, in this very moment.

You fool yourself. You throw the bone out and run after it yourself… Playing hide and seek on your own.

You wait for someone to tell you that you are finally good enough.

…some teacher or guru to ordinate you into a community.

But you are it!

You can just never catch yourself being it.

Now, you may need a minute to become aware of this… or maybe a whole lifetime.

…but don’t try to become aware now.

This goes beyond our mind’s capability to figure things out.

No amount of meditation makes you more the light.

No organized religion gets you closer to your own divinity.

No need to try. You are it.

The sun does not try to shine today. It just does. So do you.

So the question really is:

How do you manage to overlook your own light on a daily basis?

I like what I wrote there… it is a little abstract, I agree.

Still, we are all the light of the cosmos.

This very moment, you and I are the tip of the evolution. The best the world has to offer in this moment. Only in our own perception we are any less than that.

To answer that last question above…

I keep myself from overlooking my own light by thinking and believing in what I think. My mind replays scenarios and shows me situations in which I have done something “bad” or “wrong”. I guilt myself with thoughts and argue with an imagined authority inside of my head.

This way, I keep overlooking the present moment… My true self.

Much love

Marvin Schulz

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