The State of my Life and Future Projects

I realized over the past months, that me striving for individual happiness does not get me any further. I did what I could on my own. I helped myself to a degree that I can relax anywhere, solve conflicts by communication and earn a good income.

I imagine that I want to strive for collective happiness, meaning helping the less fortunate to achieve basic happiness and driving change in the world, especially stepping up in the face of injustice, abuse of the weak and crooked lawmakers.

I need this for the selfish benefit of giving my mind something to work on.

I also want to actively fight greed-driven exploitation of nature, especially poaching animal trophies. I get triggered by this a lot these days. I am not sure if I can do this non-violently… I often notice thought about killing some of these fuckers with my hands.

First, and this seems to be the hardest thing for me, I will step up to small perceived injustices I see around me daily, like someone beating a dog or screaming at a child. I’ll start where I am and call people out on their bullshit, whatever that means now.

Second, I have three long-term projects in mind…

Project 1:

I want to build a holistic holiday center like Kalikalos in Greece. I want to build this either in Prague, on Sebastian’s grandma’s land, or in South America. I want to build a community there, conduct workshops led by anyone who got something to share that leads to individual and collective growth, plus yoga and meditation. I want to do ceremonies with alternative medicines there. I want to give young lost boys like myself a place to stay and work and make new friends.

As part of that, I am going to learn more about conducting workshops myself.

Project 2:

I want to build a coffee shop. I like coffee shops. I want to build a fair-trade based coffee shop, sourcing coffee from people I meet here in Colombia. I want this to be a place for young people to gather, work on their projects and meet my friends. I also want to meet women this way and create meaningful relationships, maybe monogamous for some time and see if I can do this now, after three years of not doing it.

Project 3:

I want to create a website dedicated to saving humanity by saving ourselves first and than saving the ones close to us. That will happen by getting the best minds to write, record videos, or podcasts for this page. I want multiple authors. You can all join. The website will also serve to connect people and build a community and organize groups and workshops, like fight club, somewhat.

Those are the three ideas I have been thinking about a lot.

Sunday, I will go for my first Ayahuasca session here in Colombia, close to Medellin. I have some specific questions in mind that I would like to solve. I’d like to be more self-expressed in the presence of men. I’d like to stop negative thought patterns and compulsive thinking in general. I made some progress over the past 2 years.

Hit me up if you want to participate in changing the world for the better…

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