5 Tricks to Travel Clutter-free

tricks to travel clutter-free

Santa Marta, Colombia! Day 6.

My mom is the clutter-queen when it comes to traveling. I remember flying to Turkey with my parents in my teens. We staid for two weeks. My mom brought two fully-loaded pieces of garb… eh luggage. She likes having options, I guess.

I met a guy named John in Mexico 6 months ago. John traveled with a Northface rucksack the size of the one I took to campus.

How long did he travel for? A full year…

I was impressed and started modeling him.

Now, I am traveling with just one 65-liter backpack, including a MacBook Pro. That is the lightest I have ever packed. You see, it took me some years to get over my childhood conditioning of always packing more.

When on the road, less is always more. I guarantee.

Here are John’s main tricks to…

Travel clutter-free

1. The magic questions

How do I justify packing this item to a very critical judge?


Is it absolutely necessary to have it?

If the answer is not a clear, or better: CLEAR, “Yes”, don’t take it. Simple.

2. Only one pair of Shoes

Oh boy. When I went to Mexico 4 years ago, I packed 6 pairs of shoes.

No bueno. Mucho heavy.

Get just one pair of black sneakers. Easy to clean, flexible, and comfortable. Black sneakers can be worn everywhere… from the opera to hiking expeditions.

Or techno parties, if you are like me.

3. Go easy on Underwear

I used to pack all my boxers into my bag and stuff empty spots with socks. Now I know, when on a long trip, you got to wash anyways. Pack just 3-5 pieces of underwear. That is enough.

Or don’t wear underwear at all. Here in Colombia, I wear swim shorts.

4. Leave the Books at Home

I did not pack a single book this time.

Most hostels got books that have been left there for you to grab. On my first day in Cartagena, a British guy left me book, which I love: The Sixth Extinction.

I would have never bought it myself and I am glad I am reading it.

You may find new genres and hidden gems of literature, like this blog here.

Ok, next topic…

5. Keep it Basic

Black shirt, blue shirt, grey shirt. Dark hoody. Multi-purpose light jacket. Functional sports-pants. What else would you need?

Oh yeah, maybe a Louis bag? Seriously, I don’t get why people travel with designer luggage. My mind rings douche-alarm whenever I see this. That’s three months of extra travel… or a shitty, overpriced bag.

That’s it…

I am going to add one extra hint here:

A cluttered mind leads to cluttered bags.
Try clearing your mental clutter first. If you need advise on how to do that, I got just one great recommendation.

Buy the book: Radical Honesty. I changed my life with it…

Much love

Marvin Schulz

P.S. Does anyone know what that spiky-shell thing in the picture is? Looks like the Power-Up packages you can collect in Mario Kart to me. But why in the hell you take that on the road?

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