How reading “How-to Guides” is Ruining your Life

How-to Guides

I did not write much recently. Frankly, I think there is not much to write about these days. What does writing do anyways? It puts more information into the head of the reader, kinda like telepathy.

I think more information is the last thing we humans need these days.

To me it seems like there is always the next big thing, the next secret that is finally going to help me feel complete, the next how to guide that is finally going to help me conquer whatever there is left to conquer.

More, more, more…

I guess my mind always wants a little more.

I guess it likes shocking headlines, fear mongering and gossip.

I can still remember being a child. I watched the Iraq war on TV. Secretly I hoped that it would go on and I waited for the morning papers with more bloody headlines.  When are they finally bombing them? I am ashamed to admit that now.

Where will all of this information get us?

Deeper into our minds. More attached to our thoughts. All the information we get shot at with somehow fosters our identification with our minds and thoughts.

We entangle ourselves in all the news, most of them designed to prepare us for the next commercial break. We believe the world is a bad place and try to get a leg up on our fellow human beings.

It is not our fault. We have been trained to by school and media. It is not their fault either, they have been trained, too. But it is our responsibility to stand up and say no to unhealthy information.

You see, I grew up in a middle-class family in Germany. Both my parents have been raised by the first post WW2 generation. My parents listened to radio, read the papers and watched the news, daily.

I thought it had to be this way. I thought it was my responsibility to check the news, even though I felt a not-so-subtle discomfort and did not like most of it. I thought there was something wrong with me and I had to toughen up to survive in this cold world.

Now I see this more clearly:

There is something wrong with the information we consume.

The people in charge of the media outlets spend a lot of time and money to figure out ways to play on our emotional triggers. They need us to be afraid. They need us to get stuck in our heads, so we are prone to consume what they advertise.

I stopped watching the news completely.

I mean, really? This is the news? Who says so? Who defines breaking news? How come they are always negative?

So we consume more. That is all.

The news are pure manipulation and I say you are better off without them. Focus more on your immediate environment. There is enough for you to do there.

I avoid TV, radio and papers almost completely.

It is all just… telepathy.

Putting information into your mind.

I end this the same way I started this piece:

I think more information is the last thing we humans need these days.

What do we need?

That is up to you to figure out.

Maybe ask the next person you see how you can contribute to her life.

What is this article here?

More information… the last thing we humans need these days.

Hard to escape it, huh?

Much love

Marvin Schulz


Even I used a fear-based headline here to get you to read this. See how it works? You think you need to read this here or you are missing something important. The truth is, you never have to. Reality does not care about information.

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