Why You need to Quit your Day Job Now…


I worked in a couple of different jobs.

I studied Management at private Business Schools. I worked as an auditor for New York’s investment banks. I worked as the Executive Assistant for a giant German media corporation on Broadway. I worked for a consulting company in Germany, advising banks. I did not know better… I hope I do now.

Every time I worked in a job just to work in a job, my life got worse.

I got sick more often. I felt boxed in.

Granted, I created the box in the first place by saying “Yes” to jobs I really wanted to say “No” to… but accepted them anyways for status, money, power and being better than my fellow students. I felt out of touch with nature. I felt less attractive to the opposite sex. My friendships got worse. My erections went down, quite literally.

I tell you: You don’t need a job just to fill the time and get money.

You will spend most of your money to compensate for your shitty life. I have friends who earn loads of money and are still broke at the end of every month. They spend all their money on stuff they don’t need in the first place… but now think they need.

Why the hell you need an Apple watch? Seriously?

Jobs are designed to keep you small. You sit in a freaking box. You have to beg to earn more money. You will never earn more than the guy over you. You have to castrate your ways of communication. You get paid your little slave-wage at the end of the month.

Especially corporate jobs…

Corporations do not care about you. You are nothing to them. They burn you out and throw you away. I have seen it many times in auditing and banking. They call you a resource… They do not care about you.

They are soulless money making machines.

You don’t need them. Please do whatever it takes for you to realize this.

Here is what you need:

A meaningful way of self-expression.

Once you got that, money loses it’s perceived importance. Think about that for a minute. Money is the abstract for value. By chasing money, you chase the abstract… kind of like confusing the map with the territory, I guess. Money has no value of its own.

Better to ask yourself: How can I be of service?

How can you create value for other people? What is your unique gift to the world?

This is not a static thing… I have no clue what my gift is. Sometimes I think it is writing. Sometimes I cry in my room and have no idea. Today my gift is to tell you that you got a gift and don’t need a freaking day job.

Jobs are on the way out again… Luckily.

We don’t need them anymore. Thanks to the internet, anyone can offer her unique gifts and find comrades and live among like-minded people in an instant. The internet is the serum to cure ourselves from jobs.

We need you to be you. We need your experience and your passion.
I also write that as a reminder to myself. I still need help. I am not there yet.

This is scary at first.

You will need some time to adjust. I am still adjusting.

Start this journey now by asking yourself what you really like to do and how you can be of service and value to other’s. What can you offer? I promise you… you have a unique gift, too. It may be hidden right now behind your current beliefs and mind-chatter.

But it is there…

Some people say your gift is hidden behind your biggest wound… the wound you try to mask by performing well, trying to fit in and being a good boy or gal.

Maybe you can start looking there.

Here are a few free resources that will help you:

James Altucher on Why you need to quit your job
Joe Rogan on Jobs
Terrence McKenna on Modern Society
Alan Watts on Finding your Passion (I cried when I first watched this and quit my job soon after)

Much love and may you find the courage to be you…

Marvin Schulz

P.S. I am still working in a job right now. Part-time. From home. I get paid to write and build a website up. I am ashamed to admit that I am not yet able to fully support myself without a job. I am friends with my boss. I will show him this article.


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    Respect for this article. I dig it deep down. Thank you for expressing this, and now I can resonate with it.

    I too can’t yet support myself without a job (although I have been doing this for 4 years now without a job), but I am interviewing for jobs right now. I will share with you how i get on in my experiment working back in a company , and trying to find a way to express myself authentically within a company.

    Thanks again,

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