Why you need to stop consuming information!

stop consuming information

Medellin, Colombia! Day 25.

Sixteen hours is a really long time to spend on a bus. It helps to have weed brownies. Luckily, we had weed brownies. I probably slept for 10 hours and spent the other 6 hours in some parallel universe.

Now, I am in Medellin. Home of Pablo Escobar.

I am sitting on the porch of the Black Sheep Hostel and, guess what, felt like writing something. I feel guilty when I don’t. I imagine I owe the world my daily writing.

Not sure what to make of that article now. I have not really spend any time thinking what to write about. In fact, I am quite bored with all this non-fiction writing.

I mean, what for?

More information… The last thing anyone needs these days.

The first thing I see on Facebook every day is some new bullshit “The 7 principles to be your best self” article. I am guilty of writing them, too.

I don’t think anyone needs that.

There is a difference between information and experience.

Information do very little. You put them in your mind, mixed with all the other dirty thoughts you got flooding around there. Now, they become your own thoughts.

However, that does not do jackshit.

It is just more thoughts. If you are lucky, you get a little more perspective on the chosen topic, but mostly, you just clog your mind with more shit to think about.

These thoughts are always limping behind reality. That’s what thoughts do. They label reality and try to make sense of it. However, they always run behind. Always. Like a commentator, they retrospectively rationalize what just happened.

So, more information are the dough your mind forms more concepts with. Now, you got something to talk about. You remain in the illusion of being in control. You think you got it all figured out because you read ten listicles about the topic.

But in fact, you remain stuck.

If you want to change anything, you need new experience.

So, whatever it is that you read about, you are ten times better off just going out and doing it.

By doing it, new thoughts will follow. These thoughts stem from experience. They come from your own authority, not from some bullshit writer on the internet.

I fell into this trap many times.

I wanted to learn how to meet women. I studied loads of programs, watched videos and bought books. I never did shit. I kept my mind busy, but I never got to the core of my desire for improvement.

In my case, the core was some unfinished business from the past that I needed to clean up. I did clean it up. The whole idea to better myself disappeared.

So, I’d say, scrap reading more informational articles, including this one.

Go out in the real world and get busy. Do what you need to do, do what you try to avoid.

Your word will be purer when it comes from first-hand experience you collect outside of your mind’s concepts.

I’m going to work a bit more now and drink a coffee.

After that, I will see what the city of Medellin has to offer. I heard there are loads of pretty women with fake tits… Maybe I will read an informational piece on “How to pick up women with fake tits in Medellin”… and never do shit.

Much love

Marvin Schulz