So You Think you got a Problem, huh?


I know you are probably on your phone, so I am going to keep this short and sweet (and let you get back to Tinder an Co.). This article is about problems. We all got them, right? But are they really as important as we make them? Let’s see…

Three weeks ago I was in San Francisco and rented a car. I took three fellow travelers and drove over the Golden Gate Bridge, a bucket-list item of mine. We went to Muir-Woods National Park, a Redwood-Tree park North of the bay area.

I was amazed by those old trees. They just grow. No one teaches them how to, yet they get bigger every year. The air was nice and moist and smelled like fresh bark.

I looked at one of those green-giants and thought about my problems.

They seemed so… unimportant.

Try to tell them your problems...

Try to tell them your problems…

I came up with this little game:

Try to explain your biggest problem, the most pressing issue you are facing, to a tree. Try really hard to make the tree understand. Use your hands and facial expressions and get it all out there.

You think the tree understands?

Probably not.

Where am I going with this?

I’ll tell you in a minute, I promise.

If that tree example is too abstract for you, try this slight variation:

Got a pet? Even better. Get your dog or wombat (the thing in the picture) or whatever hairy fellow shares a bed with you these days (husbands excluded). Now, look at it and tell it your biggest problem. Again, try really hard to make it understand. Look at it.

Wuff, wuff…

Ok, so what is this about?

I want you to see that your biggest problem is just a story in your mind.

Reality, as it is right now, does not know problems.

No human mind, no problems.

See, those trees and pets are all here right now. They are alive. They do what they do. And we human beans run around and argue with our minds about our stories.

I mean, you can do that. We human are somewhat doomed to thinking.

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I just want to give you some perspective change on your problems and help you to see that reality does not really care about your thoughts and problems.

Ok. That’s all.

I’ll let you get back to swiping left and right.

I am sitting at the airport in Fort Lauderdale and will fly to Austin Texas in about one hour… a weekend of drinking, smoking and eating steak. Nice.

They try to sell me priority boarding… like really? Who wants to be the first on the plane? I am happy for every minute I don’t have to sit there. Sell me late boarding.

Much love

Marvin Schulz


Hey, this article is not to say that I got all my problems figured out. I often carry myself away in my mind and ride on endless thought trains. Chuup, chuup…

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