Your government does not care about you (and other pirate wisdom)

your government does not care about you

Costeño Beach, Nowhere. Colombia! Day I forgot.

Tonight, I pissed in my bed. Well, not really. The water bottle I forgot to close pissed in my bed, gradually, one squirt at a time. I woke up with my underwear soaked at 3am. What the hell? Oh yeah, the goddamn bottle.

I am staying at a surf camp at the Columbian Caribbean coast.

I can’t surf. I mean, I can surf the internet… X-Hamster and what not.
No waves though. Brainwaves, maybe.

This morning, I had an early breakfast. Sleeping in a wet bed ain’t much fun.

The first thing I noticed about Ben was the pirate tattoo on his right biceps. It goes well with his long hair, beard, and attentive eyes, I thought, sipping my second cup of awakeness.

He asked me about my ink.

“Done in Germany,” I said. “Want some more,” I added.

There is something to this guy, I thought.

The way he holds eye contact seemed rare. Centered. Like a guy who does need to hide. Someone, who confronted some shit and is not scared to see himself in others.

Genuinely friendly and approachable.

We started talking.

His girlfriend joined. She is from Miami. He is from Canada. They are both traveling for the length their dollars will stretch. Next stop: Peru.


Now, we started talking.

Ben, now chewing on bacon, shared his psychedelic experiences.

Mushrooms, DMT, Mary-Jane.

They took him to places.   

Places outside of the 9-5 consciousness.

Places beyond hanging-in there and staying busy.

Almost Friday, you know…

What he said next, I will never forget.

In fact, I asked him to repeat the information. Twice.

I never take notes. I used to. Tony Robbins says to take notes.

This time, I took a mental note… and repeated the information three times to myself.

This might be the single most important thing I heard about freedom and leading a self-determined life outside of our neurotic childhood ways.

So, here is what he told me:

“The government needs you to be a little depressed, addicted and sick. This way, you are sure to stay a consumer, a slave ruled by slaves.”


Depression. Addiction. Sickness.


If you are just a little bit sick, you know, high blood pressure, diabetes, insomnia; you are afraid. If you are afraid, you won’t quit your job. You won’t take risks. You are sick. You get some maintenance drugs. Dangerous stuff, but legal.

Now, you are in the process of getting zombified.


If you are a little bit depressed, you are an easy target for corporations. They dangle the fix in front of your sick nose. You worked so hard, you deserve this white leather seat sofa and the self-adjusting steering wheel in your Lexus.
Don’t you?
Make life pay you what it owes you.
C’mon. You deserve it, too.

You buy it (along with anti-depressants. Dangerous stuff, but legal), you are happy for a day, you fall just a little deeper than where you have been before. Vicious shit.


If you are a little bit addicted, you blend right in with the rest of them.
Morning Starbucks. Two sugars.  Nicotine. Ever wondered why alcohol is the only legal drug?

Dangerous stuff, but legal.

You wait all week to get hammered. TGIF. You get hammered. Maybe you even get lucky. You player, you. The next Monday will be worse than the Monday before. Just a little addicted… this way, you won’t rattle the boat.