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The Power of Completion Work

Picture yourself being 3 years old. Picture an older boy there with you – your brother. Imagine spending the first years of your life as a family of four. And then, overnight, picture your brother missing. Picture the tension around the breakfast table, the anxiety on your parent’s face, the smell of cigarettes – although I don’t remember those details consciously, my right shoulder aches…

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Real Intimacy through Radical Honesty

Sarah was really big – and by that I mean that I could not hug her and touch my hands behind her back (and I‘m not a T-Rex with short arms). She walked towards me. I faked a quick smile. She looked nervous. I WAS nervous. My first impulse was to pretend that I am not really me and just walk away. I decided to stay and take this as a chance to practice Radical Honesty.

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