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Integrative Shadow Weekend Workshop in Prague (in English)

Integrative Shadow Weekend Workshop in Prague


Dejvicka, 16000 Prague, Czech Republic

310€ Early Bird until December 31st
350€ Regular thereafter
*Discounts for low income folks available

Your Workshop Package
- 20-hour Workshop Experience
- 2 experienced Trainers
- Support call after the workshop
- Access to the online community
- help with integrating the practice

The Integrative Shadow Weekend Workshop is a deep-dive into the dark, unknown, and hidden parts of your being. You get to reclaim character traits and specific abilities to act that are currently not available to you but that you need to regain wholeness as a creative being.

Bring your Shadow into the Light

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During the Integrative Shadow Weekend Workshop, you will revisit character traits and personal attributes you learned to neglect in yourself and resent in others.

You get to unblock specific behaviours that you’ve cast aside out of fear of becoming like the people you hate. Those untapped resources are crucial to re-cultivate in order to tap into your full creative powers and quit repeating the same old actions over, and over again. True power lies in integrating all parts of yourself, especially the repressed and hidden ones. 

What we do at the Shadow Workshop

  • individual introductions in an honest, revealing way

  • Discovery of your personal childhood-training and key people involved

  • Definition of your automated behaviors and designing your Shadow Character

  • Group Games and exercises in couples and triplets

  • Enhanced Hot-Seat work to integrate your shadow parts

  • Development of a specific set of new actions to take into the real-world

  • Creation of a compelling Life Purpose

The Integrative Shadow Weekend Workshop includes a variety of activities to support you in accessing and integrating your personal shadow in a healthy, fun, and creative way. The workshop is designed to provide clarity on your current challenges and then focuses on helping you recover shadow parts for a greater sense of freedom and ability to act in the real world.


The Workshop is for you, if…

  • You are tired of repeating the same loops in your relationships
    and doing the exact same things, hoping for a different result  

  • You don’t want to be like the people you hate
    but in some ways, you know you are and keep resenting yourself for it

  • You feel stuck in your work and have plans for a better future
    but lack the power to move your creative ideas forward 

  • You sometimes lose control, snap, or feel like you are forced to
    act in a certain way that seems to not be what you want

  • You play it nice and regret not having spoken up later on

  • You are curious to meet your self head-on


Integrative Shadow Workshop Details

Friday Night: Warming Up!


We get together on Friday evening to create the container for the weekend by making agreements and getting to know each other. We want to create a space of mutual support, respect, and connection where deep work can happen. We will also lay down the theoretical framework for the weekend and answer questions. 

Saturday: Meeting your Shadow


We start by introducing ourselves, defining our personal challenges, and discovering which “childhood-training” we have received from which people and how this led us to keep certain traits and actions in the shadow. We will define our automatic behaviors, design our “shadow characters” and reveal our conscious strategies to hide parts of ourselves. 

There will be individual assignments, group games, directed conversations between participants and couples or triples exercises, and extensive hot seat work. After the formal part of the session, we will go for dinner together and play games based on Saturday’s work.

Sunday: Integrating your Shadow

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The entire Sunday is dedicated to freeing up creative power from the dark side and integrating our shadow. You will regain access to valuable actions and traits that you used to cast aside. You will learn from your shadow and own the behaviors you project and reject, thus gaining a new set of problem-solving tools. Then, you will define a clear set of new actions to increase your effectiveness in interpersonal relationships. Lastly, you get to design a compelling life purpose statement to which we will apply our newly gained energy.


Friday, 3rd of April: 6.30 pm - 9.00 pm
Saturday, 4th of April: 10.00 am - 7.00 pm
Sunday, 5th of April: 10.00 am - 5.00 pm

What you will get out of the workshop

  • New and creative ways of dealing with conflicts and
    solving difficult situations in your personal and work relationships 

  • Access to specific behaviors and actions you cast aside into your shadow
    but now want to integrate for your personal power

  • A greater sense of wholeness and more creative choices in the present

  • Renewed feelings of confidence and power to turn your ideas into reality

  • Greater ability to deal with the dark sides of other people

  • Understanding your automatic reactive patterns and outgrowing them

  • New supportive friends and a community of honest people

What people are saying about the leaders

Sebastian is a very capable and talented psychologist, coach and facilitator. He understands the challenges of interpersonal relationships and the importance of quality interpersonal communication. He is a considerate professional with the ability to help people grow and learn from any problems they face.
— Susan Campbell, Ph.D., author of "Getting Real"
Marvin is one of the most naturally gifted trainers I’ve ever met, a truly enviable combination of intuition, empathy, courage and humour. I’d recommend him to anyone.
— Laura Turley, Integrative Therapist
Over the course of my life, I‘ve developed a life strategy based on dishonesty, avoiding confrontation and submitting to fear. At the time I grew tired of my way of living I was recommended to go to Sebastian’s workshop which became a large breakthrough for me. I rediscovered the importance of direct communication and the freedom it carries.
— Josef from Prague


Meet your second trainer: Sebastian James


Sebastian James is one of the few certified Radical Honesty Trainers who is also a professional psychotherapist. A Master in psychology, Sebastian leads honesty workshops for a few Fortune 500 companies and supports employees in the corporate sector in maintaining mental health.

In his private practice, Sebastian has worked with individuals and couples from over 35 countries. He’s a graduate of a five-year training in psychodynamic work with groups and athree-year family system therapy training.

“Growing up in a highly dysfunctional family, the son of two narcissistic parents (my mom wants to be the president of the Czech Republic and my dad is a self-proclaimed cult leader called Neo who claims to have no children – go and figure that one out), my interest in psychotherapy was as a natural reaction to my environment. As a late bloomer and lonely child, I needed quite a while to outgrow feeling sorry for myself and tapping into my strengths to create a meaningful and happy life.”

Sebastian, raised in financial abundance while starved of deep connections, is no stranger to depression and loneliness – as well as being in denial about it. He had to learn to parent himself emotionally. Naturally, Sebastian’s focus is on honest communication, unconditional support, and building trust. Sebastian works on integrating shadow parts and supports his participants in setting realistic goals in a not-so-serious, joyful manner. His style is one of playful challenge and deep listening in order to create an environment where all feelings are welcome to be experienced as long as they last.

If you want to learn more, visit his website:

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