Let go of the past & BE HERE NOW


Well, here we are…

After studying marketing for 5 years, I still struggle like hell writing this section. I had twenty drafts or so… deleted them all. I tell myself that this section has to be really freaking gooooood. I imagine this has to be the most important section – or, as my mum used to say: “there is no second chance for the first impression”.


I assume this is your first time visiting my page. Or maybe you skipped this section last time, in which case: shame on you! I also assume you are looking for something (insert voice from Morpheus here). I imagine you might want to let go of the past, be more present and lead a more joyful live amongst a community of good, honest friends.

In that case, you are in the right place!

You are also in the right place if you want to learn how to:

  • express yourself more directly and clearly

  • design lasting friend- and relationships

  • get over past anger, hurt, or shame

  • break free from obsessive thinking and

  • find out who you really are and what you really want

Loads of good promises here, right? how the hell are we going to do that?

Let’s clean up your life and get real

We do this by simply telling the truth and getting real about our lives. This sounds simple, right? It it simple, if you would not have learned to do the exact opposite.

Most people I work with trained themselves from a young age to hide their true feelings, keep their thoughts to themselves, and impress people they don’t even like. They play roles, communicate through masks, and keep small in lots of other ways.

All this stuff is stressful. And inhumane. And does not really benefit anyone…

…maybe it does: some soulless corporations

But let’s not drift off into rant-land here (at least not yet).

So, what we are going to do to get the benefits mentioned above? I’ll help you break free from the jail of your mind by learning how to tell your truth. By that I don’t just mean telling others what you think all the time – far from it. This sharing of thoughts is often a control pattern and only touches on the surface level of honesty. We go deeper. We go into the body, go behind the thoughts to get in touch with all there is in the moment. We train your awareness and support you in expressing whatever there is to express.

the work we do is not always a piece of cake!

In fact, we help you go to where it hurts. We believe behind the pain are hidden treasures. We believe your biggest gift to the world might be waiting behind your biggest wound. In my workshops, you get the chance to experience discomfort to see it is not as bad as you might think. You might even start to embrace it, even seek it out on purpose to regain parts of your personal power, bound up in pretending and avoiding.

After all, we are not practicing positive thinking here…

…or putting crystals in a circle.

You might get in touch with lots of feelings and thoughts. We help you express things you never have expressed. We might even suggest you to go back into your life and have real conversations with important people to finally let go of the past and get over anger, shame, or hurt. But we do support you all the way!

So, how to start?

1. Watch this 54-second video of me explaining Radical Honesty

2. Get my Newsletter
I will share lots of good stuff there: personal stories and adventures of honest people, early bird notifications for upcoming workshops, great articles and community events where you can meet honest folks. You also get 5% off your first weekend workshop.

3. Read Radical Honesty

Dr. Brad Blanton’s book is a good starting point if you want to dive into the theory and practice of Radical Honesty. You can find it here.

4. Read a few good articles
Like this one here I wrote about how going to where it hurts can lead to gaining more trust in oneself. Or simply check out my blog section and pick an article you like.

5. Listen to this 1-hour podcast with me
I sat with the good people behind The Way We Connect to talk about Radical Honesty. Is it always the best policy? Find out here.

6. Join a Weekend Workshop in Radical Honesty
Weekend Workshops are designed for you to experience the benefits of direct, honest communication. You get to train your awareness of what is going on, feel your bodies, and receive the tools to relate your momentary experience to other. You find all my workshops here. The 1-minute video below gives you a brief insight.


Is Radical Honesty not too extreme?

The word “radical” means “at the source”. It has nothing to do with “extreme” or “brutal” honesty. Being radically honest simply means being honest about your whole truth in the present moment. This includes sharing your bodily sensations as well as thoughts and what you perceive. You can view the practice of Radical Honesty as an interpersonal meditation between two or more people.

Do I have to say what I think all the time?

There is no moralism behind honesty. I view the work as a communication laboratory where you can experiment with being more honest. I don’t think saying what you think all the time is really honest in the first place; I view this more as a control strategy.

What if my truth hurts other people?

That can happen. And other people have the ability to get over hurt feelings too, just like you. Most of the time, thinking about not hurting someone else is really just a control strategy to not experience discomfort in your own body.