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Radical Honesty Deep Dive in Costa Rica

Radical Honesty 7-Day Deep Dive in Costa Rica

Transform your Life by Telling the Truth

About the Venue:

Cascada Elysiana Eco Lodge,
San Juan de Dios
Puntaarenas, Costa Rica

Your Workshop Experience:

7 Days of raw Radical Honesty in the jungle
- Private access to waterfall and swimming holes
- Life Story telling at the bonfire
Daily Meditation, Yoga and breathing
- Beach trips, night walks, surfing


DIY Camping: $1490 ($1290 Early Bird)
Shared Dorm: $1690 ($1490 Early Bird)
Private Glamping Tent or Cabina: $1890 ($1690 Early Bird)

The price includes accommodation for 7 Nights & 7 Days of Radical Honesty.
*Early Bird* discount of $200 ends October 17, 2019.

All chef-prepared meals and snacks included in the price!

Join us at our Eco Lodge and Reforestation Project if you want to

  • Get away from the city and immerse yourself in the rainforest

  • Learn how to express yourself more clearly and directly

  • Heal old wounds and forgive yourself as well as others

  • Get over anger, shame and blame

  • Expand your body awareness

  • Create a community of honesty, loving people

  • Practice yoga, meditation and movement exercises

What to expect from your stay (in pictures)

A fully immersive 7-Day Radical Honesty experience
in the Costa Rican rainforest. 

Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth in Costa Rica, 17-24 January 2020.

Do you want to go deep into practicing Radical Honesty while detoxing from modern city life

Radical Honesty Trainers Marvin Schulz and Michael Alan Kolb have created a truly radical retreat in the lush Costa Rican jungle. For a whole week, you will be living amongst toucans and monkeys in the heart of the rainforest to reconnect with your body and learn to express yourself in a true and vulnerable way. 

You will stay at the exclusive Eco-Lodge Cascada Elysiana, surrounded by pristine green nature, waterfalls, and breathtaking hiking trails. In this picturesque environment, you will come face-to-face with your instincts and strip away all that is not you. But don’t worry: we have comfortable beds (if you want), professionally prepared meals, a nearby beach and bonfires to relax.