Marvin Schulz

Marvin is one of the most naturally gifted trainers I've ever met, a truly enviable combination of intuition, empathy, courage and humour. I'd recommend him to anyone.

/  Laura Turley, BACP Reg. Integrative Therapist /


Marvin is f*cking great at telling the truth, giving cheap thrills to people and making everyone, especially women, curiously uncomfortable yet trusting the process of transformation. Fab!

/  Jura glo, founder of transform work and honest dating berlin  /

The workshop lead by Marvin was the best weekend workshop I’ve been to and I’ll be going back for more with him in 2019. If you’re thinking to go to a workshop to see what the Radical Honesty fuss is all about, Marvin Schulz embodies and teaches with clarity, passion, vigor and humour, and you’ll be lead through your own ways of being unusually honest by a leader with great skill, who fuses compassion and real power

/  Alex nichols, counselor and support worker  /

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