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Radical Honesty Weekend Workshop

360 Euros per person (Discounts available)

A weekend workshop in Radical Honesty is a 2-day deep dive into the world of honesty. Our goal for a weekend workshop is to assist you in learning how to tell the truth in a connected, compassionate way. We will guide you into the experience and help you get the difference between reality and thinking. You will be surrounded by a group of honest, loving people, supporting you in telling the truth and staying connected to your own body and others at the same time. Sounds tempting?

For now, you can find my current workshops all over Europe and in South Africa on my Facebook page. Soon, they will all be here.

Inside a Radical Honesty Workshop

Inside a Radical Honesty Workshop

Inside a Radical Honesty 8-Day Workshop

Inside a Radical Honesty 8-Day Workshop


Weeklong or 8-Day Workshops

Prices depending on event and location

If you want to go deeper and fully immerse yourself into a week of honesty, this is for you. At our weeklong or 8-day workshops, you have the chance to go deep into your body and learn the nitty gritty details of how deep Radical Honesty goes. You will live in an honest community and make new friends, willing to get real with you. Personally, I met most of my current best friends at multi-day honesty workshops: I feel like I know them more than some of my family members.

Here are all current Weeklong or 8-Day Workshops

Personal Radical Honesty Support

Starting at 50 Euros per hour

If you feel more comfortable working with me on a 1-to-1 basis, you can get the benefits of Radical Honesty from the comforts of your own home. We can connect with Skype or Zoom and work on a pressing issue you are currently facing, or just train your awareness to be more in your body and less in your mind. On top, we can develop your personal honesty toolkit and find a way how honesty suits you best.

Book a session with me here.

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I attended a weekend Radical Honesty workshop in Berlin, where Marvin was a co-lead and facilitator. I imagine his style of leading the workshops and guiding participants in the exercises is similar and loyal to the founder Brad Blanton's approach, and I appreciate him for that. If you're interested in attending a workshop led by Marvin, I suggest that you don't hesitate and overthink and just do it. I recommend his work and commitment to practicing Radical Honesty. I have also become his friend since meeting him through workshops.

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