Marvin Schulz

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You want to express yourself better.
Get over past hurt, guilt, and shame.
Live more in the moment and less in your thoughts.
Develop lasting & nourishing friendships.
You want to design a more creative lifetime.

Then you are ready for one of my workshops!

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Over the course of my life as a counselor, coach and hypnotherpist, I’ve attended at least a hundred workshops. The Radical Honesty weeklong-workshop with Marvin is in the top drawer and he is one of the most evolved folks I’ve ever met, obviously hard-learned.
— Richard M. Haney, Ph.D. from Canadian Counseling Services
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Marvin Schulz is a Radical Honesty Certified Trainer and Workshop Leader, and has designed a website that does a beautiful job of explaining what the hard work of forgiveness and renewal of love through radical honesty is. And at the same time the website clearly explains the concept, it gives stories and examples as well. Those things, combined with the photos of happy people at the end of workshops give you a clear impression that there must be something true about Radical Honesty!
— Brad Blanton, Ph.D., Author of Radical Honesty and founder of Radical Honesty Enterprises.

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